Language, Currencies, and Payment Assignment

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Hello, I have such an unusual question.
I plan to shop in several currencies and 2 languages
Polish - PLN
English (GBP) - Pounds
English (EU) - Euro
English (US) - Dollars

My question is whether it is possible to set up in the shop that the PLN currency is only for Polish customers, i.e. a customer who does shopping from Great Britain, if he chooses the PLN currency, during the summary (choosing the delivery address in this UK country) he will signal that this currency is available only for Poland?
and will force him to change the currency to the euro or its pounds?

I am asking because the Polish payment system does not support currencies and you can only pay for quick transfers in PLN
thus foreign customers will not complete the payment method anyway.
They will abandon the cart, I know this from the experience of the current store.

That's why I need a so-called PLN blockade only for Poland
another payment partner supports my currency payments, but it is linked to the euro, e.g.

Can anyone tell me something?

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Out of the box you are able to limit payment methods to the country. If you want to create a more advanced way, it's possible to make the payment method visible only when a particular currency is chosen. However, you will need developers to help with it. You can also create a multi-store environment, and limit currency per store.
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