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27 października 2020 12:46:58
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Hello, I have a few questions about the platform.
I know that the creators of GrandNode believe that it is one of the fastest and most interesting free platforms dedicated to demanding customers.
So I am like that and I admit that I am trying to change from my current store to yours and I have a huge problem because half of the basic things that should be available from the panel admin position are missing.
I would be surprised how the creators would be English people who by nature like to do simple things for themselves, but I did not expect it from their Polish women.
1. Who was so smart to only give 4 order statuses? also that there are some established, I can understand, but the inability to add new ones is a zenada.
2. what are order markers for? since the client does not surprise them anyway?
3. Another matter of customers (the list of customers after selecting registered) to check customers who buy without registration is a failure. Why do I have 100,000 entries from visitors visiting the store and I have to dig through 15 tabs to find Kolwaksi? seriously? is it smart?
I tested a lot of stores, but only here.
4. Manual ordering is a failure. Who has come up with logging in as a customer? because it cannot be done from the admin panel as in 99% of stores? you just need to click on the button log in as a customer place the order and then log back in to the admin panel.
I have not seen a greater difficulty in any store.

I got the impression that this store is because it is, but to be called demanding, it still lacks a lot.
Adding another English language results in panel and page not translated ... (god) and substituted with systemic hieroglyphs.
Do you have testers? who are testing it before it comes out?
because I am testing it a week and I found so many bugs that the hands are falling.
and I would like to add that I am neither an IT specialist, nor a programmer or anyone else with a huge knowledge on this subject, I just converted a lot of free and paid shopping platforms.

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Firstly, all of the points listed above are suggestions, not bugs. Secondly,  if you feel that GrandNode lacks some features feel free to submit them here: and here

1. Since 4.80.0 you are able to add Order tags and freely edit additional order "statuses", and the only limitation is your imagination.
2. Order markers = order tags? If yes, you can tag orders with custom labels, and then filter them on the orders list.
3. Stores with 100,000 entries probably would have much more sophisticated ways to generate reports and check details than the orders list.
4. Thanks for the suggestion.

You receive the free, advanced e-commerce platform, if it lacks any feature, you are able to make it and implement it in it. That is how open-source works.
Best regards,

GrandNode Team
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