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18 stycznia 2021 02:22:36
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Hi, just installed Grandnode on a domain and now I am playing around trying to decide if to keep it or to try something else. It is a great application with a lot of work inside but still looks too common like any other hundreds of ecommerce CMS around. The extra ton of details which grandnode has on the backend than the other CMS around won't make a customer more excited and driving him crazy to buy from me more than from a Joomla or WP driven shop.  The most wanted feature of a startup, which every single CMS around lacks is C2C option. And by this I mean that anybody can sell anything on your store individually, not as a vendor, but as a person, maybe he wants to sell his watch and he should be able to do it on my store. Also it would be priceless to be able to let customers to sell by simply listings, without a shopping cart, which means to sell through a simple announce listing, then the buyer and seller will take over through internal messaging and emails. Not everything should be sold through a shopping cart, like a house, a car, a cat, or your site will look dumb having customers to go through a shopping cart while they buy a nice pair of pigeons. So, the only way to help a startup is to engage customers and this can be done only by letting them to use your store as a C2C platform. Then , for monetizing, should be some features like pay to promote your announce, make it appear on the front page for a certain time, and so on. Thanks
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Hi, Val!

Well, in the case of the C2C feature, we have a plugin for that, with Advanced Multi Seller Marketplace plugin, you are able as a customer, add products to the store and sell them. Going deeper, if you would like to do that without shopping cart, you can disable the buy button, and make a button to allow direct contact between seller and customer. It's not a typical e-commerce requirement, so it's better to achieve it via customization.
Best regards,

GrandNode Team
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Thanks, was looking for that

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Anyway, beside the function "apply for a vendor", would be useful to add a permanent button, always visible, with "sell your product" function even for unregistered users, then, while uploading their product, redirect them to registration page. Also, there would be useful, as I've seen on other marketplace platforms, to have a button near every product details saying: "sell a product like this"

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And do you have a plugin or plan to make one which to allow promoted products to display on a certain area of home page, like a sponsored product, for certain amount of time, based on a subscription or on a fix payment?
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