The Russian language package is outdated

19 września 2021 21:21:43
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I downloaded the Russian language package from your store and the percentage of translation is very small.  I have been working with magento for several years and I want to learn more scalable technologies. I can help translate the platform into Russian, but it takes time.
I have a suggestion for you. I will translate the platform into Russian and support it, and you will provide me with one of your premium templates and two premium plugins of my choice for studying. I want to study the platform better and if I like it, try to distribute the platform among the Russian-speaking audience. This is a large and promising market. But there is practically no information about grandnode on the Russian-language Internet. There are a lot of Russian-speaking companies that I know work for foreign clients (90%). They mainly offer solutions based on magento and shopware. I can make them technology partners. If we work together, I can also support Ukrainian and Belarusian languages.
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Hello Andrei,

Thanks a lot for interest in the translation help, however, we would not be interested in such deal. We are working on new translations and they will be available soon. If you want, you can also contribute to GrandNode, as it's open-source sotware, and contributions are very appreciated :)

Best regards,

GrandNode Team
  • Wysłany: 31 sierpnia 2021 15:39
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Good. Can you give me a link to the translation repository to contribute?
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