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Case study - Customer Actions and Customer Reminders

Created on:  23.08.2016

You are probably wondering what’s the Big Data, Real Time Marketing and how it can help you in sales. There are many definitions of these terms. However, I’ll focus not on explaining what’s Big Data or Real Time Marketing, but on practical usage of these two things.

Imagine that you have many loyal customers, after a year, regular purchases you are able to predict what they will buy, why they will buy that products and when they will buy it. However, you need to spend some time to analyze all the data.

Using our new feature – Assigne to specified group after specified action you can show him recommended products on the homepage! Since we know that this customer is doing a certain thing regularly, he buy only products according to specified pattern, why don’t make him life easier and suggest him what he probably want buy?

Imagine that you have store with healthy food and you have group of customers who are alergics to gluten.

In GrandNode you can create “Customer Role” called “Allergic to gluten”, in the next tab “Recommended products” you can choose which products they should see on homepage. Then you go to the most interesting moment! “Customer actions”. You can create action called “Products for allergy suffers”. You can specify, what this action will be, for example – adding to the cart gluten-free products. Now you have to decide how this action will end? Previously, we determined that customer should be assigned to specified customer role, choose this reaction.

Now, customer after the purchase products which you selected in Action, will see on the homepage recommended gluten-free products.

You can also distinguish people who come to you from a variety channels, including for example Facebook.

You ran attractive fanpage on facebook and would like to automatically filter and honor customers who come to you from it?

Use the “URL Refferer” action, enter your advertisement link and automatically assigne them to specific “Customer role”, add them “facebook” customer tag or view them banner with coupon code!

You care about percentages of placed and paid orders? And you want to have the highest percentage of paid one? You spend a lot of time on customers who added products to cart and left the store without purchase? You send them encouraging emails? Take advantage with customer reminders. You are able to determine after how many days email should be send again. You can also specify which content send first time, which for the second and each succeeding!

Using reminder you are able to perform many automatic actions.

For example, you would like to send message to customers that last purchase made a year ago. You can use option “Last purchase”, filter customers and send them an email.

The situation is similar with customers who don’t login to your store from the year. You choose the date of the last login and create an email which they will receive.

As a store owner you need to focus on the offer, not on processes that should be performed automatically. Only GrandNode is able to give you this functionality for free!

Did you get an idea to individual approach to customers? Would you like them to submit requests at birthday? Don’t cheat yourself, guarding and checking if any of the customers have birthday is cumbersome. Therefore, we assume that this function must have your store! Use reminder to wish the best and send everyone automatically email!

You care about knowledge of customers preferences? Suppose that the customer view category – kayaks, then life vests. You want to show him the newest collection of oars. Set the time when promotion banner should appear with oars offer.

Would you like also inform newly registered customers about your best products or those that would like to sell, you can send them after registration, prepared email, display banner, add them to specific tag or customer role.

Summing up, in GrandNode you are able to use 5 types of actions:
- Add to cart – will work when customers add products to the cart
- Add order – will work when customers add order comply with certain conditions
- Viewed – will work when customer displays a specific product, category or manufacturer
- URL – This action will work when customer will come from specified URL
- Customer Registration – The simplest action when the client register in our store

4 reactions:
- Banner – Store will automatically display the banner, when is assigned to a specified action
- Email – Will automatically send an email to customer, who performed specified action
- Assign to customer role – will automatically assign customer specified customer role
- Assign a customer tag – will automatically assign customer specified customer tag

All these features were created for one purpose. Each of them is expected to save your time, it was created to do things, which you shouldn’t do manually. Actions, that you had to make all time before, just do once, GrandNode will do them for you. Needless to say what value it has for your store. In today’s era of competition and the need to show more than just price and elegant store. As in the case of stationary stores you need to take care of image, customer approach, paying attention to the preferences and wishes, all this will lead only to increase sale, increase the number of satisfied customers!


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