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Contact us on Messenger for GrandNode

Created on:  10.12.2018

New plugin on our marketplace

We are happy to announce that we released new plugin - Contact us on Messenger for GrandNode is ready to get on GrandNode extensions marketplace. Improve your customer service and get one of the most important plugin for your store.

Description of the product is available here:

Live chat with consumers

Customers journey is changing, nowadays, if customer has a question, he will expect instant answer and help. He won’t call you or write an email, because it requires too much efforts from him. As the statistics show, 83% of customers, need assitance to complete an order. Live chat is a perfect way to provide instant support during checkout.

Statistics of Live Chat help

Average response time for support ticket is about 12 hours, compared to the chat, which according to statistics has 55 seconds of average response time, gives a huge difference. Over half of the respondents admitted that they will purchase again, due to implemented chat.

Why I think „Contact us on Messenger” – Customer chat is the most effective live chat solution?

First of all, Messenger is the second the most popular mobile messaging app in the world. As statistics show, it’s over 1300 monthly users (in millions). Messenger is a great touchpoint between you and customer during the customer journey. Customer is browsing your store, but his friends told him to check Facebook, because they’ve sent something interesting. There is huge possibility that he won’t come back to your store, but…

Messenger is a great continuity of communication

... your message is waiting for him in Messenger inbox, so when we finish conversation with friend, he will see your message and there is a huge chance that he will come back to your store. 

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