E-commerce Starter Pack

Launch your e-commerce in the next few hours with GrandNode E-Commerce Starter Pack. Bring your ideas to life in a few steps with the help of the GrandNode Team. Our consultants are ready to set up your store in just a few hours

GrandNode E-Commerce Starter Pack contains a set of the most important things vital for every new e-commerce portal. Furthermore, you will receive 3 months of support, provided by the internal GrandNode Team directly by e-mail, starting from the date of the purchase. 

If you haven't chosen the right template or payment method yet. You can use the e-commerce starter pack within 3 months from the date of purchase. All you have to do is to select the "Choose later" option when choosing a template and payment method.


What GrandNode E-Commerce Starter Pack contains:

  • - The latest version of GrandNode installation, made by GrandNode Team
  • - 4 hours of premium support - worth of 400$
  • - One of our themes - worth of 249$ - Browse the catalog
  • - Choose the best payment method - worth of 199$ - to handle payments in your store
  • - ShipStation - worth of 249$ - integration to handle shipping 
  • - Ajax Filters - worth of 149$ - widget to improve the user experience and ease up the filtering processes
  • - Extended Products Import plugin - worth of 99$  - with the possibility to import product variants, attributes, specification attributes
  • - Contact us on Messenger - worth of 39$ - Facebook Chat Widget to improve your customer service
  • - Google Tag Manager to provide you the easiest way to include external scripts delivered by digital agencies,
  • - Google Rich Cards - to improve your store results in Google search listing.
  • If you are wondering how should you create the online store, visit our blog and read the article - how to create an online store.

E-Commerce Starter Pack 2021 worth of 1384$, currently available much cheaper, save 585$ and buy the bundle pack!

How to get the E-Commerce Starter Pack?

1. Choose your theme

Jump to our demo and check all of our themes, you can select them from the sidebar menu on the right.

When you find your perfect theme, just select it to form the list.

2. Choose your payment method

Now it's time to select the payment method. Check the offer, commissions in each provider, and select the desired method from the list.

3. Provide details about hosting

To install GrandNode we need to get details about hosting. Please tell us if you have your own hosting or do you need the new one.

4. Make a purchase

Proceed to checkout and after successful checkout, our success team will contact you within 1 business day to agree on the details. That's all. 

What about hosting?

If you already have your hosting, please provide your login details. We will install the latest version of the GrandNode, the necessary plugins, and hand over the ready store to you.

If you do not have hosting, choose the best location for it to ensure the lowest latency in connection with the server and we will set it up for you! After the creation process, we will transfer the hosting to your company and you will be able to manage it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much it costs?

It's a one-time fee. After payment, you receive the package of plugins to the latest version of GrandNode, then we will contact with you to create an installation. If you don't have hosting, please select the proper option for the product. We will create hosting for you and then we will transfer it to your company. The payment fee which is visible on the Hosting attribute is for one month of hosting. During the first month, we will transfer the hosting to your company account.

Typically, we use the DigitalOceans' droplet which costs 15$ per month if used. More details you can find on the DigitalOceans' website.

2. What about backups?

Backups are managed by DigitalOcean, you can enable them directly in the Management panel. Enabling backups will automatically create a snapshot of your Droplet once a week. You can also additionally make a database backup if you want. 

3. What's included in 3 months' support?

During the first three months after the purchase, you receive the 4 hours of support. you can reach our team directly via e-mail. It's worth to collect a few cases and send them during one request because each ticket starts a new hour. 

Please note that we won't provide the developer support and support for third-party plugins, themes, or applications. Support is provided by our support team and it covers GrandNode support and configuration.

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