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Ecommerce Academy - become a master in ecommerce with GrandNode

Created on:  01.04.2020

Ecommerce Academy is our newest project for beginner retailers and wholesalers. This is a reference to our old WeeklyTips series, but now, it's something bigger and related with whole e-commerce, not only with GrandNode.

How we can help you?

We've prepared free guides related with wide terms - ecommerce and online marketing. It doesn't matter on which platform you have your store. Of course, we encourage you to bet on GrandNode, but the knowledge desribed in the articles is versatile, so you can use it everywhere. However, it's also our tool to work with customers so you will find there also many guides related with GrandNode. Some guides will be provided also with video guide to help you understand the whole process.


In our ecommerce academy you will find articles from following topics:

- How to start

- Dropshipping

- Graphics

- Analytics & Reporting

- Social media

- Content & Email marketing


- Sale channels

- Customer service

- Other (articles that don't fit to available categories)


First guide will land on our blog on Friday. If you don't want to miss it, leave here an e-mail address, we will send you a message when it will be ready. 

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