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eCommerce Trends for 2016

Created on:  30.03.2016

1. Multi-Channel Shopping

When you look for some products you look at many places, eBay, Amazon, manufacturer store and you choose the best option for you. Imagine that you sell products only on your online store without eBay, without Amazon. There is chance that you will lose customer. Do not limit yourself. Give customer a choice, no one likes to be forced to do something, so give him a free hand.

2.  Sell products by social media

Last time, social media were used to integrate with customers. Added the each product on facebook, twitter expect that your audience will click like button or comment on your content. Today you have to go one step further.

On Facebook, you are able to open the shop. It should extend the operation of his store with social media. On Pinteres or Twitter you can add announced buttons that you can use to post and sell your items directly through the social network.

3. Beacon technology is the future

Beacon is a small chip to phone. It can be used to display personalized offers to your potential customers. According to Offline and online technologies are coming together more than ever, and with the advent of something called beacon technology, companies are beginning to offer mobile deals and greetings when someone walks into the store.

4. Popup strikes back

A few years ago, each one install in the browser pop up blocker. You were attacked from all sides several times. Each drove to frustration. Today we have a great comeback kind-hearted banners. However, with a completely different function.

You can use the pop up as the perfect tool to encourage the customer to buy something in your store. For example, offering him a discount code or the ability to sign up for a newsletter which will result in certain benefits for him.

5. Large intro images and movies

Referring to the design trends in 2015 webdesigners focused on large homepage banners like huge images or short movies informing about company or offer.

It is perfect introduction to your store. You can create a short promotional video, in which curious and interesting way to describe your products.

6. Online sales employees

The times when the store employee was waiting for a message from the client are long gone. Today you must care about every customer, if someone observes that he spent too much time in one place, immediately write to him on a chat. If he gave up shopping cart with added products automatically send mail with the information about the possible incentive to buy.

7. Mobile friendly for survive

Fast life, potential customers are constantly on the run. Many of them made purchases on tablets, phones. Without responsive, mobile friendly store you won’t be able to survive in a competitive market, such as ecommerce. It is worth to pay for the creation of the store more, but to create a mobile friendly store that allow each customer to benefit from the store. Trust us, it will return to you with a vengeance!

8. Online loyalty programs

Still isn’t the strongest part of online stores but taking into account technological development you are able to approach the subject of loyalty programs in a personalized way.

Customers like when you appreciate them, and above all, you should like the customers who regularly come back to you.

9. Flash promotions

Quick promotions. Offer customers time limited promotion on products which they want. Customers often look at lighters? Give them 50% discount for one day! It will really boost up your sale!

10.  Real Time Analytics and use of Big Data

We know how important it is to analyze what customers are doing. With this knowledge you are able to effectively interfere in their operation. Arouse in them the confidence or interest.

In GrandNode we focused on use of Big Data and Real Time Marketing. You will be able to automatically assign customers to specific groups, and then allow the system to automatically interact with customers displaying the banner, sending an email or displaying specific selected for them products.

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