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Few reasons why it's worth to use e-mail marketing

Created on:  11.04.2017

In the age of spam, thousands of unwanted messages which are delivered to our customers. Definitely not one store owner wonders what sense has using e-mail marketing with customized email messages. Many of them are afraid that customers will get angry after receiving message from them? They wonder how customers will react. And the last doubt is the key one.

Our success and answer for the question „Is it worth?” is depened on customer reaction and action. If they will buy from us our products, register in our store, they will do any actions which is desired by us we can talk about success and about email marketing profitability. Answer yourself the question of whether you read promotional emails? If yes, what are they? Elegant, clear, legible? Whether written in plain text on sheet? I think the first option. You need to make sure your mail is the same. Creative, legible, elegant. The one, which encourages you to open it.

Here is few reasons, why it’s worth to use e-mail marketing.

E-Mail marketing isn’t expensive

Contrary to appearances e-mail marketing is almost the cheapest way to promote your business. Why? It’s feature of GrandNode. If you have your store, you have base of customers, so you are able to create profitable email campaign. You don’t have to use any third part tools for e-mail marketing. This feature is for sure enough to send successfull campaign.

Promotional Potential

Creativity is the key! Ads in social media, in TV will pass. Ads in newspaper also will pass. E-mail message can be deleted, you can leave it unread or you can open and read it. What determines what action will be taken by the customer? CREATIVITY. Create mail that will be interesting, creative and abocve

Simplicity of using

E-mails campaigns in GrandNode are simple and functional. Remember you don’t have to create complicated animations, designes. Mostly, mail programs will not support them. Minimalism is trendy now, trust us.

Personalization and measurability

The effieciency of your email campaign is easy to measure. Number of sent messages, the numer of messages received finally, the number of actions after receiving the email. These are measurable quantities that can and give u san idea of the effectiveness of our campaign.  


Is there a better thing than customers activity in your store? An online shoe store made very good easter, newsletter campaign. Main goal of campaign was to inform customers about a little game. In the store, owner hide easter eggs, bronze, silver and gold one. If somebody find egg, he will get discount in store. Funny and good, isn’t it? Customers will for sure travel through your store and look for eggs. 

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