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Google Customer Reviews Released

Created on:  14.12.2018

New plugin is available on our marketplace. Google Customer Reviews is ready to get from Improve your store functionality and implement the google reviews in your store.

We are happy to announce that we've released new plugin. 

Plugin is available here:

What is Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews (GCR) is a free program that enables Google to collect user reviews on your behalf. Information collected in this way are used to generate Seller Ratings.

Seller ratings are nothing more than automatic extensions that allow users to check the reviews of individual sellers.

The Seller Ratings symbols are displayed next to AdWords ads.

Benefits of using Google Customer Reviews

The main reason why you should use Google Customer Reviews is that you show your clients the ratings of other people. Thanks to that, they gain trust. Research shows that social proof is an important thing in making purchases decisions.

- positive feedback and a large number of stars mean that consumer confidence increases, which means for you more potential customers and new purchases on your website,

- seller ratings can raise CTR for text ads by up to 10%,

- GCR affects CTR on Google Shopping.

How Google Customer Reviews works

1. Customers during checkout have to opt-in for a survey.

2. Then in the survey customers rate their purchases, for this purpose they can use a five-star scale. In addition, they can describe their shopping experience in a few sentences.

3. In order for the Seller Rating to appear on your products, you must receive at least 150 reviews over the last year.

4. Seller rating is the average rating shown in Google Search, Google Shopping ads and also on the Google Customer Reviews badge, which is shown with our widget.  

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