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Picture for blog post GrandNode 2.0 - versatile e-commerce designed for the next-gen companies

GrandNode 2.0 - versatile e-commerce designed for the next-gen companies

Created on:  05.07.2021

Today is the day! Our versatile, next-generation e-commerce platform is finally ready to be used in production. Modern codebase, layered product architecture, headless, modern tech-stack. Take benefits from the most advanced and the best e-commerce platform based on .NET Core 5 and MongoDB.

We are very proud to introduce our new project - we've been working on it for a long time - it's one of the most important projects in our history. As GrandNode is a versatile e-commerce platform, we needed to have freedom in its development and the direction of it. It was possible only with a platform written from scratch. And that is how GrandNode 2.0 was born.

You can get it directly from the Download page on our website or from our GitHub profile.

Why GrandNode 2.0?

- Open-source - It's still one of the most important values. It is and will always be free and open-source without hidden costs, license terms, etc.

- Modular codebase - Limitless flexibility in the case of customization, personalization. Possibility to bring tailored, advanced projects.

- Layered Product Architecture - GrandNode 2.0 is divided into smaller, logical projects. Separation of the business layer, separation of the back from the frontend.

- Headless - Frontend & Backend WebAPI. Separated admin panel from the public store and implementation of different APIs.

- Modern tech-stack - .NET Core 5, MongoDB, Vue.js, Docker, MongoDB, Open API, Redis, RabbitMQ.

What can we expect from GrandNode 2.0 in practice?

- Frontend & Backend API 

- Multi-tenant

- Advanced order & inventory management

- MongoDB, AWS DocumentDB & Azure CosmosDB support

- .NET Core 5.0 support

GrandNode 2.0 comes with a lot of changes. Starting from July, we will release a bunch of white papers that will bring new light to the project. Those white papers will show proof of what we write in the press releases. In the next few days, we will release a new documentation page for GrandNode 2.0. After store owners docs, we will release a new docs for developers with simple plugins examples and the new Backend & Frontend API docs.

Today is somehow the end of the GrandNode 1.0 (4.90.0) era. We won't develop it anymore, we won't provide any features, improvements. Our efforts are fully focused on GrandNode 2.0 development and side projects related to it. If you find a bug in GrandNode 4.90.0, report it, we will make a proper bug fix, but only by the end of 2022. After that, we won't provide any support for the old-gen platform. 

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