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GrandNode 3.90 Beta released

Created on:  01.03.2017

Dear Community,

New version of our open source, free solution is coming, before it happens we would like to give you BETA version of the GrandNode 3.90. From today you can download new version, test it and we are waiting for four feedback. 

In the newest version our main goal was to improve performance, increase speed of GrandNode. We made several tests and we've decided to make some improvements which are mentioned below. With this moves we achieved our goal, GrandNode is much faster than last release with number 3.80. 

If you will find any bugs please share your feedback after testing in comments. We'd love to fix everything which will appear before releasing 3.90 final version. 

You are able to download it from our GitHub page.

New default template fully based on Bootstrap 4

Theme is using Bootstrap 4 which offers exceptional shopping experience on every device. No more default GrandNode styles, template fully use only Bootstrap 4 what gives you possibility to easily create your own themes without problems and issues with compatibility with GrandNode. Theme creation never was so easy as with Bootstrap 4.0 Theme.

Accessibility is not the marketing babble. It's technical standard developed with individuals and organizations around the whole world. You may don't know but only in United States 57 millions of people (19%!) have disability issues. This number shows how important is to help them with website exploring. Current standard is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (in shortcut WCAG) 2.0. Examples of Accessibility solutions? Text alternatives for non-text content such as sliders, product images, also consistent navigation. More information about WCAG 2.0 guidelines you can find on official W3 site here:

Store performance is the most important thing in e-commerce industry. We know it, so our template meets all requirements in accordance with the latest web standards. It has almost 100/100 performance and speed rate on site performance tools and optimizers. It has been successfully validate by W3C, Wave and the most popular web accessibility and performance tools. Future is here.

Categories for newsletters

You are able to specify newsletter category. When customer will subscribe to the newsletter, he will be able to choose which category interests him, category A, B, C. Then you can export customers interested in specified categories and send them emails.

Interactive forms

Totally new feature which gives you possibility to create custom forms which can appear when customer made specified action. 

Extended interface of shipping rate computation method

This new feature allows you to create new fields in shipping plugins. For example if developer wants to add in Shipping integration add field "Preferred hours of shipment" you can do it with this new feature. 

Watermark support

From the 3.90 version you are able to add watermark image or text to your pictures in the store.

Improved multi warehouse feature

In the newest version of GrandNode we've made some improvements. In the last versions when customer make an order GrandNode was calculating stock quantity from all available warehouses. From now you are able to select from which warehouse order should be send, if in used warehouse this product is out of stock, customer won't be able to order it. 

Rest of changes:

- Possibility to set order minimum numer
- Moved „Contact Us” emails to message templates
- Voting for posts
- Add pingo.exe to the project
- New tax setting: „Default tax category for product”
- Cache static content by default for 24 hours (cacheControlMaxAge)
- Stock quantity default value set to zero
- Added a message token for custom customer attributes
- Allow customer to apply multiple discount coupon codes
- New library ImageProcessor
- New type of condition: Unpaid orders in Customer Reminder
- Changes in Event Publisher
- Polls: ACL for polls, Limited to stores and languages for polls answers
- Add new tokens: RecentlyViewedProducts.Products and RecentlyViewedProducts.ProductsWithPictures
- Start end date to tier prices
- Blog and news: New way for support multi language
- Product reviews: Product can be reviewed only by customers who have already ordered it
- Order: Hide the choice of payment method on checkout if „Use my reward points” is selected and points are enough to pay the order in full
- Discount by vendor
- Email sent to vendor should not be in the customer language
- Improved campaign module: Added new conditions – customer role
- SEO friendly URLs with Multiple Languages
- Do not allow to remove required produts from the cart
- Hide downloadable product tab if customer don’t have any
- Payment method description
- Customer reminders levels new option – add minutes
- URL Referrer for Customer and Order
- New activity type in Action Log – PublicStore. Viewed Url
- Admin panel: Changes in the product edit
- Admin panel: Allow editing of specification attribute on the product page
- Admin panel: Blog and news list
- Admin panel: Minor changes in import resources
- New setting: Limit of featured products
- New setting: Deactivating gift cards when deleting an order
- Increase performance: Categories in top menu and category navigation block can use the same model
- Increase performance: Optimalization for images
- Increase performance: Save settings in panel administration
- Increase performance: Orders
- Increase performance: Changes in MongoDB indexes
- Increase performance: Recently viewed products moved to database from cache
- Increase performance: Removed unused controllers
- Increase performance: The speed of loading agents was increased and memory usage was reduced
- Enable TLS 1.2 support for entire application

Bug fixes:

- Show images on wishlist
- Counter for digital downloads
- History of send emails in Mailing Campaigns
- Vendors should not see product of other vendors in PDF Invoices
- Action type „Login” shows log Customer: „null” in Action Log
- Discount validation in order
- Reminder level view
- Appearance of levels in Customer Reminders history
- Clear cache after delete manufacturer
- Fixed problem with Picture Size (ValidatePicture)
- Fixed problem with PayPal Direct
- Fixed problem – GenericAttributes in customer action event
- Fixed problem with Addres validation
- Fixed problem with save checkout attributes
- Fixed problem with Filtering by attributes
- Fixed problem with deleted discounts
- Fixed problem with deleted picture on the product
- Fixed problem with Current Shopping cart after upgrade MongoDB library
- Fixed Autofac warnings
- Fixed Birthday Task in Customer Reminder
- Minor text fixes

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