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GrandNode 4.90.0 - Sales Employees

Created on:  26.02.2021

Sales employees, sales agents, salespersons? Call them whatever you like. But since version 4.90.0 you can provide your employees with a limited administration panel, assign clients to them and payout the commissions.

Main benefits from the Sales Employees feature

- Sales employee dashboard
Customers assignment
Buy as a customer
Edit prices in the cart
- Commissions

How to create a sales employee account

1. To create, edit or view all sales employees created in your store, you should go to Admin panel -> Customers -> Sales Employees

2. Press the Add new record button and fill in necessary fields

- In the Name field provide the name of the employee,
- In the Email field provide the email of the employee, sales employee's email address should be the same as his account email address.
- In the Phone field provide the phone number of the employee, it will be visible only to you
- In the Commission field, you are able to specify the % of the commission that an employee will get from each order that his customers make

3. It's time to assign a sales employee role to your employee. Go to Admin panel -> Customers -> Customers. Find the desired account and edit it. 

4. Choose the proper employee account from the drop-down list, navigate to the Customer roles tab and assign a Sales manager role. 

5. Save changes.

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