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GrandNode on DigitalOcean Marketplace

Created on:  08.04.2019

We are happy to announce that we joined the DigitalOceans Marketplace and you are able to install GrandNode just with One-Click. 

More details can be found on their official page here:

The package include:

- The newest version of GrandNode - 4.40

- MongoDB 4.0

- .NET Core 2.2

- Nginx - 1.14.0

In addition to the package installation, the One-Click also:

  • Enables the UFW firewall to allow only SSH (port 22, rate limited), HTTP (port 80) access.

After you create a GrandNode One-Click Droplet, you will have to install it. At this point, you should visit the Droplet’s IP address in your browser.
Steps that you have to do:

  • Specify the admin e-mail/password
  • Mark the checkbox if you want to install sample data
  • Fill the server name - by default localhost:27017
  • Leave the login and password empty
  • Specify supported collation

Once the installation is complete, please reboot your machine and you can use the GrandNode administration dashboard (by default available on /admin) to further customize the new store. In addition, there are a few steps that we recommend you take - install SSL certificate and purchase a domain for your store.
Setting up an SSL certificate enables HTTPS connection, which secures the traffic between the server and the clients. After you install a SSL certificate, you need to allow access from port 443.

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