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How to contribute GrandNode project?

Created on:  24.09.2018


There are many ways to help us in improving GrandNode. To be honest, it doesn't matter whether you are a merchant or developer. 

Write Code

It's almost the most effective way to be involved in the project. You can fork our project on GitHub and create an awesome features with us! When you finish it, just send a pull request. We will review you code, if it won't have conflicts with main branch, be happy! You will be a GrandNode contributor. 

Create and sell modules and themes

Since we've released a GrandNode marketplace, you can improve the store functionality with the commercial and free modules and themes. As official developers, we released many extensions, mostly payment methods. Still we are working on the database of GrandNode Themes. Now, we want to involve you more in the development of the GrandNode marketplace. 

Last week we've published first plugin made by our silver partner. Simple widget is available to get for free from GrandNode marketplace.

How can you sell your products?

First create a theme or plugin, test it and be sure it's working fine without bugs and issues. It's crucial to offer only the best products. Then please send us an enquiry with the few important and required fields.

1. Become our partner

2. Plugin title

3. Plugin description

4. Attach the plugin image which will appear on our marketplace - it should be a jpg with 1040px x 560px dimensions. 

5. Send us a zipped plugin. We need to look if it works. Then we will publish it on our marketplace. 

List of the all plugins and themes can be found here:

Report bugs

GrandNode is open source project. We are working hard to improve it. It's normal that sometimes we may make a mistake. Some of features may don't work. It's highly important to help us with tracking this issues. If you want a bug, just report it on our community forum or GitHub. We will fix it in the next version. 

The open source community is based on mutual help. Tutorial about reporting bugs in GrandNode can be found on our community board here.

Help with the internationalization process

We are working hard on the internationalization process. In previous years GrandNode had only language packs translated by Google Translate API. We moved forward this year and we give you totally new way to help us! We joined the Crowdin platform, so you are able to login, join our project and translate GrandNode to your native language.

Let's look at the short guide how to join our project on Crowdin and how to create first translation. 

Link to our project:

On the homepage of our project, you will see all languages that are available to translate. Select your language (just click on it), you will be redirected to the list of files that are available to translate (Polish language in my case):

Now, you need to click on the localizable file - defaultResources.grandres.xml. It's single file responsible for translation in the whole GrandNode project. When you click on it, you will be asked to login or create account. Do it. After login or registration process you will be forwarded directly to desired language. 

Just take the word or expression that you want to translate and send your suggestion.

Donate us

It's the simplest way to help us with GrandNode development. It's open source project, so you can support us with voluntary donation. You can do it via this button:

Donate us

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10/10/2018 9:23 AM
I would like to thank GrandNode for all their help. GrandNode Customer Service is Excellent. I highly recommend GrandNode to everyone! Robert G.
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