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MongoDB Full-Text Search on steroids

Created on:  31.10.2019

As you may know there are plenty ways to host your database. You can do it locally, you can create a MongoDB server on your VPS or you can use one of the MongoDB clouds like MongoDB. Today we will talk about the last one mentioned, because in a beta environment, while ago they published a fantastic feature – full-text search.

What does it mean for developers? No more need to integrate stores with third party applications to handle empowered full text search. There are a lot of tools like SOLR or ElasticSearch, but finally, everything is integrated with Lucene. The most popular open source search engine. Taking that into consideration, there is only one efficient solution – implement it as a standard feature of database engine.

And that happened!

Directly on MongoDB Atlas, currently in beta phase, you are able to test the MongoDB Full-Text Search feature.

How MongoDB Atlas Full-Text Search works?

Below you will find the image coming from MongoDB Atlas website, which describes the whole process.


Details of Full-Text Search:

Documentation for Full-Text Search feature on MongoDB Atlas:

Tutorial, how to create first Full-Text Search index:

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