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Picture for blog post New release: GrandNode 4.80.1

New release: GrandNode 4.80.1

Created on:  14.12.2020

We are happy to announce that we released a new version of GrandNode. 4.80.1 is ready to get from our website. It's a very important patch release for us because we are giving you a new template. Modern, improved, and fast, based on Vue.js. 

Why Vue.js?
- Lightweight & high performance
- Growing popularity
- Possibility to create templates with JSON requests (i.e product lists without the need to reload pages)
- Bootstrap Vue - with its built-in components
- Descriptive documentation

If you would like to report a bug related to the newest theme, don't hesitate to do that via our Issue Tracker on GitHub. Please use the form linked here.

With the new version, of course, we improved a few things, and also implemented a few fixes that improve the current operation of the application. Important information for all GrandNode 4.80.0 users - all premium plugins and themes will also work in version 4.80.1. It is worth noting that paid plugins available on our marketplace will not work with the Vue.js theme. Support for Vue.js will be added from the next stable version.

if you would like to learn more about jQuery to Vue.js migration, which we did in the 4.80.1 version, we are going to prepare a descriptive article about that process, so you will be able to get more details about that and try it out during the Christmas break.

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