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Picture for blog post New release: GrandNode 4.90.0 Beta

New release: GrandNode 4.90.0 Beta

Created on:  27.01.2021

We proudly present the newest beta version for GrandNode 4.90.0! Jump into details and check what's new in the incoming release. 

Today is the day! A beta of the latest version of GrandNode is available for download. We encourage you to download the new version, there are a lot of changes in it, first of all, we have added new functionalities that will significantly improve many portals. We can highlight things like:
- Possibility to assign a salesperson to the customer,
- Added possibility to change the admin panel theme (for vendor, admin, staff users)
- Our new VueTheme gets the Dark Mode
- Brand new sample database of products
- Ability to assign catalog price per currency

To reduce the memory usage we removed the AutoFac and implemented the ASP IOC.

Of course, as always, the list of changes is much longer and you can find it here:

You can download the newest version here:

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