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Picture for blog post Product Videos - why is it so cool?

Product Videos - why is it so cool?

Created on:  22.06.2017

Product videos cause that...

... almost 73% more visitors who watch product videos will buy your product.

It's simple fact. Product videos are more descriptive than product descriptions. Therefore customers are able to know the product better. Product videos should clear up a confusion. The fact is that your customers are buying more products that have video. That’s really the biggest and the most important statistic you need to know.

... 58% of shoppers think that companies with product videos can be trusted

Everything leads to trust. Finally, visitor who trusts your business is w

orth the investment you’ll make in product video, isn’t it? Customer will buy product easier if they will understand it. 

... 77% of customers consider companies that create online video as more engaged with customers

If you create product videos, you give customers information that you care about them, engage with them and their doubts. What is related to higher trust in customers eyes. People share video. Studies show that people are more likely to share videos over links and plain, boring text.

... 42% of consumers want to see more product description videos online

Video dispel doubts, so customers will love to see it again, if they don't know product well. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power to watch a video, but to read an article… well. Video is worth more than 1000 words, trust me. People more likely will open video on mobile than enter the link with text description.

Videos add personal touch. In online store you won’t be able to touch product, so you are looking for something which will help you with it, for example – videos. You can watch presentation of product and feel like you are in local shop. Videos are also great way to add some personalization to your online store.

Finally, videos will help you with store promotion. In social media, Facebook better treats video than links or images so it will automatically bring you more visitors and watchers!

8 forms of videos which you can use in your store:

1. Explainer video

Used to describe products and services. With this video you are able to explain to your customers how your product works. 

2. Tutorial video

Video guides/tutorials are similar to those that demonstrate the product, but usually these are series of videos. 

3. Testimonials

Our purchase decisions are based on references from others that we find on the internet. For this reason, posting opinion of satisfied customers and business partners on company websites has become a norm.

4. Video Blog

Video blog is probably one of the most widely used video format on the internet.

5. Vine

Vine is a community channel where users can post videos up to 6 seconds in length.

6. Animations

Animation is primarily a way of telling an interesting story, but it also facilitates the presentation of complex processes that can only be described simply by text.

7. Webinars

With it you can build brand awareness, educate and yet interact directly with the recipient for example by responding to questions or chatting in an instant (you can find out very much about the current or potential customer)

8. Funny videos

The next function a video can perform is simply entertainment. A video that is entertaining and funny to audiences has a chance of being viral in social media and this effect is priceless for every brand.

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