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Say hello to Headless Commerce!

Created on:  25.05.2021

GrandNode v2 brings us a lot of changes in the case of Web API and application structure. 

Headless benefits

Flexible development

You are no longer limited by our default theme structures. Such a scenario gives your front-end developers freedom during creating a user experience from scratch which fits nicely with their core business needs. The only thing that they have to care about is a simple API call. 

Flexible customization

With a headless eCommerce platform, you have almost unlimited control over the look and feel of your eCommerce platform. You can create custom user interfaces, control user experience and 

Separated admin panel and frontend

First of all, during the planning phase, our goal was to separate the admin panel from the public part of the store. We wanted to do this because we wanted to be as flexible as possible. 

As you can see, currently you have two independent projects, first is used only for the admin panel and it's called Grand.Web.Admin and the second one - Grand.Web is used for the public store.

It gives us a lot of freedom. For example, you are able to 

Front-end API

It's something totally new for our users. GrandNode v2 gives you the possibility to handle all actions in your store directly from the Web API. You can enable it in the same way as the backend API. 

What can you do with the front-end API?

- Register your users,
- Create subaccounts,
- Login,
- Add to cart,
- Place orders,
- And many more!

We will prepare a real docs page for the Frontend API after stable release. Below you can find some examples coming from our new API.

How can we authorize guest users?

Request Type: POST

Enter the request URL: http://StoreURL/tokenweb/guest

Auth type: No Auth

As a response, we will get a Bearer token. We can use it to authorize our future requests made as guest user.

How can we log in to our existing account?

Request Type: POST

Enter the request URL: http://StoreURL/tokenweb/login

Auth type: No Auth


"email": "",
"password": "password"  //Base64 encoded

As a response, we will get a Bearer token. We can use it to authorize our future requests made as the specified user.

How to generate a request authorization token (Antiforgery token)?

Request Type: GET

Enter the request URL: http://StoreURL/tokenweb/antiforgery

Auth type: No auth

Backend API

This part should be pretty well-known for you. Backend API is almost the same as in our GrandNode v1. Everything about the backend API calls, endpoints, and examples you will learn from our docs page.

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