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28 Nov

Scalable GrandNode eCommerce with MongoDB database

Scalable eCommerce with MongoDB database

In the current situation on the market, each site is very rich in content. Online stores offers hundreds of products that have a lot of content, pictures and each customer left milions of geographically information. eCommerce softwares are facing a big challenge of processing massive amounts of data.

Existing problems

- Slow site with massive data about users, information, traffic.

- Inelastic SQL schema makes an application inefficient.

- SQL is not suitable for linear scalability to support massive amount of data.

- Complex models and Entity–Attribute–Value database design leads to less flexibility.

- A key element in the ecommerce scalability is related to databases

How it works in eCommerce

- With dynamic scalability MongoDB is the best fit for massive spikes in usage during seasonal swings.

- Increasing content and data, rules and analytics, social media content require scalable architecture, which is need of nowadays Ecommerce.

- Ecommerce has a lot of temporary data such as shopping carts, information about session, MongoDB is the best for this kind of projects.

- Major priority for any ecommerce store should has an architecture designed to handle the growing user base.

Key aspects in MongoDB implementation

- No more relational complexity

- Flexible

- Best suited for dynamic eCommerce operations

- Best for read-heavy scenarios

- Scalable, efficient architecture

- Strong, free community support

- Imprvoed performance and high availability

- Cost effectiveness

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