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Some ways to keep ahead of the competition

Created on:  09.11.2016

Know the competition

To be able to effectively fight the enemy, you must know him very well. You must know his strengths and weaknesses. The same thing is with your competitors. Believe it or not but there is no perfect company. Each specializes in a particular part of the industry in which you operate. When you decide on competition with others, you need to know in which part should turn on. 

Collect information from your customers, analyze them and use to increase your sales.

Nowadays, to stay ahead of the competition in the industry, you need to think ahead. The development of technology has given the opportunity to analyze the behavior of your customers, their preferences, wishes. Remember that this information are almost everywhere. The only limitation are the tools that allow you to collect and analyze them. Fortunately, we go ahead to meet your requirements. 

Valuable types of feedback:

- Live chats - gives you real time feedback from customer, if something won't be clear for him, he will ask you about it, it should give you sign - "oh, there is something wrong with this part of store". 

- Session recordings and heat maps - it's perfect tool to see what your customers do on your website, store. You can see if something what you add

Integrate your GrandNode with your external softwares like CRM, ERP.

Having in your store the entire command center is very important. First of all, this is a big time-saver.  If you want to collect data from your customers it will simplify your work. Each company have their CRM and ERP system. We are ready to integrate your store with almost each software in the world. Just give us a short note and we will talk about it.

Squeeze out maximum of your GrandNode

Send to your customers personalized e-mails. Let your customers feel appreciated. That you take care of each one, you tell them about things only they are interested in. Use Customer Reminders, Customer Actions, show customized banners. GrandNode gives you perfect machine to automize yours marketing moves.  

Look at the future

The biggest mistake is to think only about the present. The competition is not sleeping, technologies, capabilities continue to grow. The most important part of your business is business plan. If you plan ahead concrete actions you will have a big advantage. You need to follow customer trends, invest in new technologies and first of all, you need to have a clear plan of action for several years.


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