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What information are stored in GrandNode

Created on:  05.08.2019

GrandNode as regular e-commerce software has to collect data from users. Normally when we think about data, we have the personal data of customers in a mind. But it’s wrong apporach, because we have to look wider.

Personal data

First of all, what I’ve mentioned, GrandNode stores information about customers. It’s commonly known as personal data. You can be relaxed, GrandNode is one of the most safiest e-commerce softwares, so your customers data are safe.

Additional customer data

Apart from strict personal data like first name, last name, addresses, GrandNode also stores few more information. For example you are able to store information about last visited page by your customers. It can be useful to track where your users end their journey in your store.

Source URL referrer and URL referrer are also very interesting things that are stored in GrandNode MongoDB database. Source URL Referrer is an URL address from which user came to your store. The URL Refferer is the last page from which user came to your store.


As usual, in the online store or the content management systems store owners, owners and users are able to upload pictures. GrandNode is able to store pictures in two ways. First of all you are able to keep them in your database. The second way is to store them in file system. Which way is better depends on the overall size of store.

Contact form and message queue

In each online store exists exchange of messages. It's done in the same way in GrandNode. We will find two places where we will be able to find historic data of contact with customers. First and more frequently used is message queue. It's used to keep information about emails sent to your customers, i.e:

- transactional emails,
- customer reminders,
- welcome message,
- and many other types of emails.

The second thing is contact form, in the database you can keep the whole history of customers contacts with you. Each message that comes to your inbox sent from Contact form, may be stored in the Contact Form table. It's very useful to keep this data to reporting. 

Activity log

Each action in a store is tracked. Each action is stored in Activity Log which you can find in the GrandNode main menu. You are able to decide which action should be tracked and which not. To achieve that you should open the admin panel, go to Customers -> Activity Log -> Activity Types and select interesting you checkboxes with action types.

Activity Log Types

Newsletter categories and subscription history

Newsletter subscription history is the next thing which can be tracked with GrandNode. Each action related with subscribe or unsubscribe is stored in the subscription history table in GrandNode database. 

The second thing related with newsletter is newsletter category. In GrandNode you are able to create few newsletter categories and ask users to choose which categories are interesting for them. Each choice is stored in GrandNode database.

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