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Why people choose NoSQL to their e-commerce projects

Created on:  16.12.2016


In e-commerce industry, software developers and engineers are hitting barriers with relational databases, in our situation – MsSQL. There appears question, what is the problem with them? Basically, relational databases are less flexible also problem include cost of scaling and developing.

There are few reasons why e-commerce leaders choose NoSQL databases

- More customer are going online

Nowadays people spend a lot of their time in the internet. What it means for you as store owner? Of course a lot. It increase chances that people would find your GrandNode store and then they will consider your store as a trustworthy and will buy your products. That trend is also closely linked to the mobile popularity. 

- Better flexibility and agility

NoSQL products support a whole range of new data types, and this is a major area of innovation in NoSQL. We have: column-oriented, graph, advanced data structures, document-oriented, and key-value. Complex objects can be easily stored without a lot of mapping. Developers love avoiding complex schemas and ORM frameworks. Lack of structure allows for much more flexibility. We also have program and programmer friendly compatible datatypes likes JSON. 

- Easier, less costly scaling

NoSQL products such as MongoDB are designed to be extremely easy to scale on low cost commodity hardware.  

- Lower operating costs

Taking as an example MongoDB which we are using in our open source e-commerce software GrandNode and MsSQL default nopCommerce database engine. Difference is simple, MongoDB instead of MsSQL is totally free. Typically reduces your database licensing and operating costs by over 50% what you spend on MsSQL or other software.

- Less complexity

NoSQL databases are used to complex applications. Why is this happening? It's simple. High performance e-commerce applications on a relational database like MsSQL require large amount of add ons, components and resources. In the case of MsSQL it generates large amount of money invested in application development. In MongoDB it's much easier, you don't have to buy any specified additional components or extensions and for sure as earlier mentioned it's cheaper. Treating GrandNode as a machine to fully exploit the potential of Real Time Marketing, usage of Big Data the choice was easy - MongoDB. 

Which parts of GrandNode are improved with use of non-relational databases?

First of all, main reason why people choose GrandNode is possibility to customize their store. You can completely customize GrandNode to the needs of a particular customer. You have a real opportunity to influence their decisions and perception.

There are few things which are hard for a relational database and which are easy for MongoDB and NoSQL databases.

To dispel doubts I don’t say that NoSQL is better than SQL databases, some project will work better with suited SQL another one will work better with NoSQL databases, but basically the first problem is connected with managing massive volumes of data at high speed. The reason for this is very simple.

Understanding power of real time marketing and big data will give you big advantage.  

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