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22 kwietnia 2021 03:32:53
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Hello everybody,

First, I'm impressed with the solution. I've downloaded it when the 3.80 version was available, but it didn't win my heart. Situation changed when you released 4.00. I love ASP.NET Core 2.0. I was waiting for that change! Thanks for it! But let's start with my questions.

I would like to ask, you - Community and GrandNode Team, is GrandNode can be a good B2B System? Did you develop one? Or maybe your partners developed it?

I was looking for some e-commerce solutions for B2B system. Maybe based on ASP.NET Core 2.0. I don't know yet. Could you give me a pros of implementing GrandNode?

Thanks in advance!
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Hello Marshall,

Thank you for your kind words! We really appreciate your feedback. For us, migrating to ASP.NET Core 2.0, it's also a milestone change. And we hope that it will help us to promote GrandNode in the e-commerce industry.
I will try to point you some features which can be useful in B2B system. It's also great idea for the article! I will write one after Christmas!

1. Improved Reports

We decided to implement Google Analytics to GrandNode Dashboards.

2. Easy Management

Admin panel is very intuitive. If you don't have experience with GrandNode, you won't have problem with using it.

3. Improved Multiwarehouses

In the GrandNode 3.90 we've made some improvements. In the last versions when customer make an order GrandNode was calculating stock quantity from all available warehouses. From now you are able to select from which warehouse order should be send, if in used warehouse this product is out of stock, customer won't be able to order it.

4. Regular updates

Updates are released several times a year, so there is a guarantee of regular updates.

5. Mobile app

We've created also Xamarin Mobile App for GrandNode. It can be useful for some online stores. You can look at it at AppStore or Google Play Store, just search for "GrandNode".

More details here:

6. Improved discount system

We know that discounts are important for each store. Now you are able to create multiple coupon codes inside one discount.

7. Customized design
8. Email marketing
9. Marketing Automation

This point was described on our blog:

10. Individual Prices

It's also new feature. You can specify prices per customer. It's useful for partners.

I hope it will help you Marshall.

Best regards,

GrandNode Team
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Hi Patryk!

Thank you for the answer. It looks great. I will look at it and test. Do you know how the system will work with milion products and about 1000 customers per minute?

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