Thoughts on integrating ASP Net Core SignalR

26 lutego 2021 20:35:44
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I'm still experimenting with GrandNode and like it a lot so far.  I noticed your blog entry on push notifications and that's great, and then I came across your blog entry on Auctions.  For us, we could see a lot of potential for both.  

I'm curious if there has ever been any in-house discussion about potentially integrating SignalR?  

For example:
- "Realtime" alerts when participating in an auction to let you know you've been outbid.  
- Notices about status changes with orders  (i.e. back orders, shipped, etc).  
- Live notifications about specials for those currently browsing the page, etc.
- If the application is going to be restarted for whatever reason, live notifications to advise current guests.
- Notifications to advise of price changes on products either previously viewed or in wish list/shopping cart.
- Live chat (might be easier to offload this one to other easy free services though)

I suppose there are a lot of possibilities, so I'll cut it short there.

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That's a great idea Bill. We will talk with the team about it.

Best regards,

GrandNode Team
  • Wysłany: 12 sierpnia 2020 11:28
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Hi, any news regarding this? :)
  • Wysłany: 13 sierpnia 2020 05:52
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After discuss we decided to implement Blazor.
Best regards,
GrandNode Team
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