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GrandNode 4.60 Beta Released & 10$ Hunting!

Created on:  07.01.2020

Dear GrandNode community!

The new version of GrandNode is coming. But before we announce it officially, we want you to beta test the upcoming 4.60 version and share your thoughts with us.

To the end of the January, we're waiting for bugs which you will find in the released version. It can be called as a bug bounty program. You can earn 10$ for each issue reported on our GitHub or directly to our support. You can find the details of bug bounty program here.

In this version, we divded efforts into two fronts - front and back end. Our front-end developers worked on default theme redesign. We've modified some parts of it to make it more user friendly and to ease up to customization process during the themes creation. We are also happy to announce that we've extend the functionality of GrandNode and implement two important features. First of all, we added e-learning features as a core functionality of GrandNode. It will give you possibility to create a portal like Udemy or Coursera. Second feature is reserved mostly for B2B portals and it will allow you to assign documents to customer accounts. You can create documents manually, so it's very flexible solution. Finally, we gave you possibility to add generic attributes directly from admin panel. On each the most important collection (product, category, manufacturer, customer role, vendor, order, course, topic) you are able to manage them, by navigating to the tab "Generic Attributes" on edit page. Each of highlighted change will be described in independent article, so stay tuned to get more information.

•  Upgrade to ASP.NET Core 3.1
•  Improve the B2B features
•  Add e-learning features
•  Default theme improvements 
•  Allow to manage generic attributes

You can find the full release notes here.

You can get the newest version of GrandNode here:

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