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GrandNode 4.70 Beta

Created on:  06.05.2020

Performance? That's the key. And the basic value of our platform, in each version, we make sure that it is at the highest level and it is not a functionality, but a certainty.

Features? In every version. As much as possible. Nothing changes in this topic. Also in 4.70 we've implemented a large number of new functionalities to improve your stores. 

Let's jump into the most important changes:

1. Improved Multi Vendor Features

It's very general term. But in a nutshell I will describe the newest features related with vendors / sellers. First of all, simple, but important change - show information about vendor in the shopping cart. Under every product coming from vendor, you will see the vendor name below the product name. Next change related with shopping cart, but also with vendor is to bring possibility to divide cart into sellers with independent subtotal values. Same like Aliexpress works for example. With this point, related is next crucial change - possibility to select products in the shopping cart which we want to purchase. We don't have to make purchase from all availabe products in shopping cart. Currently it will be possible to mark checkboxes on each product and press the checkout button. Unselected products will be safe in the cart when we go back to the store. Starting from 4.70 version, vendors are able to manage their own return requests. 

2. Two factor authentication implementation

With a little help of community (Thanks Dmitriy for the skeleton of the 2fa authentication), we've implemented two factor authentication system out of the box. Without external plugins you are able to configure the two factor authentication with e-mail and authenticator application (like Google Authenticator). We've given also possiblity to integrate this feature with SMS gateway to send code via SMS and make the SMS authentication. It's a great step to offer greater data security in the store.

3. Seo Friendly URLs for specification attributes filtering

No more complicated guids or ids in filtering URL. Starting from 4.70 version, you will be able to share a SEO friendly URL with specification attributes name and values with each customer. Look at the example:

Older versions of GrandNode:,5e3d3055f9274c0b8c76f2e8

Which means - Category = computers, specification attributes: CPU Type: Intel Core i5 and Memory:16 GB

GrandNode 4.70:

And it's obvious what it means :) 

Furthermore, we've extended this feature and you will be able to apply and share filters on vendor details page, manufacturer details page and on search results page!

4. Simplified checkout and shopping cart

Everywhere we hear about distracting elements like menus, footers when ordering. Everyone says you should remove it. Why do you have to do this? We've done it for you. Out of the box, in Default Clean theme, your shopping cart and checkout will be simplified. No more top menu elements, no more large footers. 

5. Code refactoring

We've made also several changes with the GrandNode code base. To avoid generalities, I will point out the changes:

- Remove UseMvc and implement the new approach UseEndpoints
- Remove distributed redis cache
- Implement Message bus to manage cache by redis (pub/sub)
- Implement IRequestHandler

6. Amazon Cloudfront

Our Amazon S3 integration out of the box, in the newest version we've decided to improve its features and we've included a setting which will support the Amazon Cloudfront. It's a simple change, but very important for many users.

7. Add your own, custom JS or CSS

Directly from admin panel you are able to add your custom CSS code or JS code. You've sometimes asked about that and we've decided to implement the possibility to insert own styles or scripts from panel, without access to the FTP.

8. Hidden changes

As always, we've implemented some hidden features as a cherries on a cake. In this version we can point out the possibility to show product attributes on catalog pages. On the product boxes visible on category, manufacturer page you can show the available colors, sizes or any attribute you want.  

Of course it's not the end of the changes, we've implemented many new features, some examples:

- Add new Unit Tests,
- Extend the API - add support for product attribute mapping
- Extend the Orders - add new field - Order Code (Random 7digit code)
- Include blog posts and images in sitemap
Bundle products (Product Kits) - add support for product attributes
- Allow to select attributes on the product by url address, user will be redirected to product which will have already selected attributes values listed in URL

Let's download the newest beta version and take advantage from the most advanced ecommerce platform. 

Beta version as always can be downloaded from our GitHub - or our downloads page.

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5/13/2020 4:30 AM
Well done Grand-node Team, best eCommerce platform ever :).
All the best ..
5/13/2020 8:27 AM
Thanks a lot Mahdi!
8/15/2020 6:31 PM
I like the performance improvement
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