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Picture for blog post New release: GrandNode 4.90.0

New release: GrandNode 4.90.0

Created on:  17.02.2021

We proudly present to you the latest GrandNode release - 4.90.0 which comes with a lot of changes. As always it was hard to distinguish the most important, highlighted changes. This version comes with a possibility to change the admin panel theme. You are able to create an independent and custom theme for vendors, admins, stores. The whole process will be described in the independent blog post. What's more, our new Vue Theme got the Dark mode. As statistic shows, dark mode in stores will be a UX trend in 2021. Starting from GrandNode 4.90.0, you will be able to share the admin access with your sales employees. A useful feature for B2B portals. Each salesperson in the administration panel will only see the customers assigned to him and their orders. Furthermore, you are able to set the commission for him, that he can get from each order. Finally, the most wanted feature - the ability to set prices per currency. This was one of the most critical features in any store that offers multiple in-store currencies. As of today, each product may have different, independent prices depending on the currency.


Custom admin panel theme

You have asked many times about the possibility of personalizing themes in the administration panel. Well, for us, delivering the functionalities that you need is our responsibility. So it was a pleasure for us to introduce it in 4.90.0. You can freely modify the administration panels, and also set a completely different template for each vendor, admin, customer. In the independent blog post, I Will show you a tutorial, how to create a template and how to assign it to a particular user. 

Dark mode for Vue Theme

Our newest Vue Theme will have a Dark/Light theme switcher in the header that allows you to change the appearance of the store. Dark Mode is one of the most important UX trends for 2021. We decided to add it at the beginning of the year so that your stores are ahead of the competition right from the start.

Ability to set product prices per currency

In the previous versions of GrandNode, you were limited to prices based on the currency rate. If you change the currency, GrandNode automatically calculates it to a different currency. It was quite limited and wasn't a real, true multi-currency support. That's why we've decided to create a new field on the product page. YOu can define independent prices for a particular currency. I.e $1350 but 1250€. Independently from the current exchange rate between euro and dollars. 


It's the newest type of user in the admin panel. If you hire sales reps to sell in your store, this could be the perfect feature for you. It allows you to create accounts with limited access to the administration panel. Sales employees will see only customers assigned to them, and all orders that customers made. Furthermore, you are able to configure a commission, which the sales rep will receive from each order. It's also a crucial feature, so we will describe it independently. For now, a bunch of details can be found on the documentation page.

Improve the vendor activation process

The current vendor activation process was pretty confusing. We decided to leave away the illogical and weird solutions and instead of problematic activation, all we need to do is click the Activate / Deactivate button. 

Available only in Multi-Tenant plugin

Our premium plugin that extends the multi-tenant features received new possibilities. You are able to limit the Specification attributes and product attributes to the particular store/tenant. If you want to get more information about the Advanced Multi-Tenant plugin, and why it's important in the case of multi-tenancy, you should definitely check the blog post about multi-tenancy in GrandNode.

Other important changes

In this version, we've implemented over 120+ less or more important changes like:

- possibility to save the geo-coordinates of a customer
- possibility to insert interactive forms into topics (pages)
- sorting products by Availability on the catalog pages
- removing AutoFac and using the ASP IOC 
- new sample database
- possibility to set advanced validation for the password field (with regex expressions)
- possibility to edit price on the active shopping carts (something like a basic Quote feature)


Try it now! Our demo is already upgraded to the newest version, so you are able to test the newest features online. You can check it here or if you have an idea, ready to implement it, drop us a line, we will tell you how GrandNnode can boost up your store. 


If you are convinced that GrandNode is the best ASP.NET eCommerce platform, don't wait and get your own copy of it and download it from our Downloads page


To upgrade your existing project please look at the upgrade guide. 

What's next?

Well, as always we don't say goodbye but see you soon! in Q2 2021, we will back with the major version - 5.0.0 - fully supporting ASP.NET Core 5.0. All details related to the  5.0.0 version are available on our GitHub.

If you use our premium plugins & themes, they will be released within the next few days, so stay tuned!

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