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Weekly Tips #1: How to set birthday reminder

Created on:  09.01.2018

First of all, you need to activate a field - Birth of Date - in your registration form. Go to Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> Customer Settings -> Customer Form Fields. It's important, because if you leave it unchecked, customers won't have a date of birth in their account, so your reminder will be useless. 

Screen from customer form fields settings

Ok, the first step is behind us. We can focus on creating a new customer reminder. Go to Admin Panel -> Promotions -> Customer reminders -> Add new. You will see an empty form, which we you need to fill, if you want to use Birthday reminders. Look at the screen below:

Screen from adding new customer reminder

Let's start:

Reminder name - It depends on you. TIP: It's better to use logic names, because if you will have many reminders in the future, it will be hard to find the specified reminder. 

Active - If you want to use this reminder, leave this checkbox checked.

Date start/End date - Time frames when the reminder should be active. 

Activity date for ruleReminder will count from or to this date

Allow renew - It should be checked, if not, your customer will get birthday reminder only once. If you will leave it checked, they will receive another one reminder after one year. 

Reminder rule - Choose "Birthday" from the dropdown list.

Now before you go to the next step, you need to save changes.

After that, please go to "Reminder level" - tab.

Screen from adding a new level of reminder

Level - Define which level you are creating

Level name - It depends on you. You can name it - 10% promo as a birthday gift

Send after days, hours, minute - Specify after which period of time reminder should send a message to your customer. In the case of birthday reminder, it will be enough to send 1 minute. Your customer will receive reminder one minute after midnight.

Email accounts - Select from which account reminder will be send

BCC"Blind Carbon Copy"

Subject - Subject of your reminder 

Body - Enter the whole birthday reminder message

And the last step, please go to Admin panel -> System -> Schedule tasks. Please verify that the Customer reminder task for Birthday is enabled. As it is shown on screen below:

Screen from schedule tasks

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