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24 May

How to create "Call me" popup in GrandNode - GrandNode Marketing

In this tutorial we will create the „Call me” Pop up, which is very popular in the e-commerce industry. To create it, we will use the Interactive form feature, which is available in GrandNode out of the box.
16 May

How to speed up customization in GrandNode

As you may notice, 4.40 version of GrandNode brang the new behavior of the application. In the compiled version of the GrandNode (NoSource - Web), you won’t find the Views folder. All of the Views are loaded from dll file now. It may be frustrating and time consuming, to seach for the files in source version of GrandNode. There is one thing that we can use to ease up this process. With the help comes the Theme Editor plugin for GrandNode.
09 Jan

Weekly Tips #1: How to set birthday reminder

Automated birthday reminders can be a great reward for your customers, let's learn how to create and use birthday reminders in GrandNode.
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