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How to speed up customization in GrandNode

Created on:  16.05.2019

As you may notice, 4.40 version of GrandNode brang the new behavior of the application. In the compiled version of the GrandNode (NoSource - Web), you won’t find the Views folder. All of the Views are loaded from dll file now.

It may be frustrating and time consuming, to seach for the files in source version of GrandNode. There is one thing that we can use to ease up this process. With the help comes the Theme Editor plugin for GrandNode. Normally it was used to customize theme, but now, we improved it a little bit and we added possibility to edit Views files, even if they are not visible in the file structure. If you are working on GrandNode Themes it’s a huge time saver for you.

How to edit view files in GrandNode

First of all you need to get a Theme Editor plugin for GrandNode. You can get it here. After successfull installation, which is described here (

Finally, go to Admin Panel -> Extensions -> Theme Editor -> Theme Editor -> Choose your template and press its name.


You will see the standard window of theme editor, just with the file structure.

How to create theme in GrandNode

With Theme Editor, this process is very simple. The only one thing that you have to do, is to fill the necessary form in GrandNode Theme Editor configuration.


Save changes and that’s all. New theme has been added to your account.

How to add new files in GrandNode

In GrandNode Theme Editor you are able to add files to your Theme directly from admin panel. It’s useful when you want to add external library to your theme.

To add files to your theme just press the "Upload file" button in the top of the screen. After that it's necessary to restart the application. 

How to revert files to the original state in GrandNode

If you make something accidentally you are able to revert files to the original state. It’s useful when you made many, many changes and finally you are not able to get the theme working. To achieve that we have to press the "Restore file from original" button which is available in the top part of the screen.

How to include new view files in GrandNode Theme

To add new CSHTML files to your theme you need to just select particular file from the list and press save changes. After that, you should restart application and that's all. New file has been added. Otherwise you would be forced to open source code version of GrandNode, select that View file, copy it to your theme and then restart application. With GrandNode Theme Editor this process is much faster and more comfortable. 

GrandNode Theme Editor is ready to get on our marketplace:

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