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What's new in GrandNode 4.60?

Created on:  07.02.2020

GrandNode 4.60 - Long Term Support

Since 4.60 version, we want to introduce you the Long Term Support versions of GrandNode. We knew that frequent updates may be problematic in the bigger stores development. During one development of big store, we were able to release two versions of GrandNode. Each version requires new plugins, themes. We've decided to provide the LTS version of GrandNode - 4.60 will be supported for one year. So, even if we release new version, bug fixes will be also fixed in the 4.60.

Improve the B2B features

We noticed that GrandNode lacks a little in B2B features. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on them in 4.60 version. We created feature called Documents. You are able to assign any kind of document to customer, product, category, manufacturer.

e-learning features

Courses are next highlighted feature in GrandNode. This functionality allows you to create free or paid courses in your store. You are able to assign products to courses and sell them on the marketplace. It’s a great fundament for creating new Udemy or Coursera. In dedicated blog post, you will find more information about e-learning features in GrandNode.

Facebook Pixel

One of the most important plugin in the store, right after payments and shipping plugins. Collect information about your visitors and send them to Facebook Pixel, no more need to manually modyfing code. Just place the ID of application and use.

Improved web farm support and cache management

During the tests, we’ve noticed that cache management could be improved. We change the way how images are saved in cache, it will resolve some problems on web farm architecture.

Allow to manage generic attributes

Generic attributes can be used to handle many uncommon scenarios in your store. Starting from highlighting categories, products, ending on improving the ERP integrations. More details will be provided in dedicated blog post.

Improvements in vendors management

You are able to configure the percentage of commision that vendor will get from each sale. It’s useful if you use a multi vendor marketplace based on GrandNode. We’ve improved the vendor feature a little. From Vendor (seler) details page, your customers can send a message directly to your vendors.


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2/10/2020 1:02 PM
Great Work grandnode Team!!!!
2/10/2020 1:25 PM
Thanks a lot Sam!
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