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Artificial Intelligence - GrandNode to be like the biggest

Created on:  23.05.2017

Amazon, Netflix, Zalando - what is the connection of these three companies? It's a desire to be effective. This is a desire to minimize the margin of error. And in effect, it's a desire to be with the customer, "touch" him. Can a machine be better and more effective than a human? Can the real seller be replaced? Can you teach the machine to think? Finally... Yes. With the artificial Intelligence you are able to get to know the client, his needs, goals and then ideally hit the deal. 
There is something which shows that Marketing Automation and artificial Intelligence is not a marketing babble. It's success of and Zalando.

Many companies already employ artificial Intelligence in their e-commerce processes. Netflix uses AI to provide personalized recommendations to subscribers, based on their previous choices. Under Armour uses AI to help its customer track their health and sports activities. What is interesting IBM uses Watson (their supercomputer, AI) to psychoanalyze people from their tweets.  

What is machine learning and how to use it in your e-commerce?

Your store should be a knowledge base about your customer. Why? Because, it should collect information about customers, then it should process and use them for specified purpose. Machine learning is based on the fact that the algorithm chosen by us looks for rules that describe our knowledge and then uses them for other. In practice, this may be, for example, the Netflix recommendation system.

Subscriber from ecommerce X liked product Y, but there were also group of people, who don't like it. With Machine Learning, we can predict review about product Y by people who have not yet had contact with this product. So it gives you the ability to send an automated email with a recommended product to these people. 

"Segment of one" - what's that?

In a very simplistic sense, the concept of a "segment of one" means that wee have the tools and capabilities that we are able to precisely define their needs. In a way that each one is unique. 

In very interesting way was designed Zalando page. During the first visit you will see the default home page of the store. With categories, that are already starting to collect the necessary information about you. During your visit, information is much more. Colors, sizes, brands, types. What is the result? During the next visit you'll see a fully personalized home page based on your previous visits. Pretty cool. 

Do you know your customer?

The world is moving forward, moments when mass marketing was considered as the most effective and when the customers weren't wondering how it's done are passing. Now, each marketer need to be outstanding. You need to know your customer, know what he wants and offer him what he wants. 

You and rest of the managers probably are wondering why your customers decided to leave your store and make an order in your competition. Basically, probably you don't know which customers leave your store and why. What is the reason for this situation? You never know. But we know how to change it. With GrandNode you are able to keep track of the customer steps in your store. Finally, with this analysis you are able to tell. "yes, here i made mistake and my customer decide to change store where he will make an order". With this information you are able to change something to stop these people in your shop. 

You must remember that your users never sleep, your store shouldn't too. If you don't decide to use Marketing Automation, your store will be open and will work only when you are not sleeping. With Marketing Automation in GrandNode, store will be available and ready to operate all the time. 

Features which supports artificial Intelligence solution in GrandNode

1. Abandoned Carts Recover

2. Retention Marketing

3. Products Recommendations

4. Dynamic Newsletters

5. Customers segmentation by their history

Change your image and perception of your store. Stop seeing yourselft as a retailer, be technical. Your shop must be smart, it has to think for you and work for you. Be like the biggest. Their successes are not accidental. It's years of analysis, research and implementation. GrandNode will help you. Decide today and be ahead of the competition now. 

Janrain & Harris interactive shows that 74% of web users are not satisfied with ads. Main reason? Unwanted content which is not matched with their preferences. What shows how important is AI and personalization.

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