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Increase sales with eBay and Amazon

Created on:  04.02.2019

As statistics show in 2017 eBay has 168m of active buyers, for comparison, Amazon has 300m. Typically, these platforms, or popular marketplace in Poland - Allegro are places when store owners start their journey in the e-commerce. But this is not the best approach for them. 

I will try to explain you why it's important to not to abandon this practice. Despite the increase in the initial phase, it is also an effective way to increase sales while the popularity of the store increases. Furthermore, it's great place to expand your sales to foreign markets.

1. Increasing sales from a high traffic channel

As we mentioned above, marketplace portals have a huge amount of traffic. You can't walk away without action. Imagine that only 1% of the Amazon/eBay traffic can be your traffic. Great, isn't it?

It is also worth to remember that majority of the customers start searching from Amazon or eBay, then in search engines.  

2. Acquire new customers

Marketplaces can be a great place to find your new customers. If somebody reaches you on or you will have his/her contact information. With them you are able to share information about your offers, promotions or bestsellers. 

Remember one crucial fact. When somebody finds you on marketplace, it doesn't mean that they were looking for you. In the most cases they were looking for product, which you have in your offer. Finally, when they find you, do not spoil it, just try to build a bond that you will cherish every day.

3. Many of the customers prefer shopping via Marketplaces

People are lazy. Especially in the 21st century, when everything they can get via one click. they won't look for your store. They will enter few keywords to the searchbox and that's all. That is the reason why they prefer marketplace rather than online stores. 

You shouldn't ignore this. 

Amazon is user friendly. It doesn't matter that you are a seller, an affiliate or just a customer. Every product page has clear navigation and one-click buy options. Amazon or eBay, care about the sense of security and convenience among their users.

4. Earn customers trust

Marketplaces can be a great place to earn first reviews. It's the fastest way to earn them. if we take into account the amount of users and traffic on the site, the number of placed orders, the potential number of reviews we can get from our customers is amazing.

It's perfect way to earn customers trust. It's also worth to remember that most people have not heard of Amazon or eBay, but used it at least once or twice. You should see potential in it. Customers feel more comfortable 

5. Spend less on marketing

Amazon, eBay, Allegro have a huge traffic. When you will publish your products on mentioned marketplaces, the chances of finding your products are growing. What's important for you, that Amazon doesn't have fees for listing products. So you can be visible without paying for that. 

Remeber that you can easily connect your GrandNode with Amazon or eBay with our integrations.

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8/5/2019 3:36 PM
Is there any specific reason that there is no Allegro official integration plugin ?
8/6/2019 8:36 AM
It's very simple. There is low demand on that integration. Our customers are mostly interested in Amazon and eBay.
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