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10 sty

Weekly Tips #2: How to distinguish users from specified URLs?

Second article from our Weekly Tips, how to distinguish users from specified URLs? How to assign a specified tag to customers who visited our store from Facebook, VK, Twitter. It's simple!
09 sty

Weekly Tips #1: Jak ustawić przypomnienie o urodzinach

Zautomatyzowane przypomnienia urodzinowe mogą być fenomenalną nagrodą dla Twoich klientów. Z tym poradnikiem nauczysz się jak w kilku krokach, skonfigurować te powiadomienia w GrandNode.
05 sty

Error Handling - MongoDB .NET Driver

Since you want to open an online store, you need to think about security and performance. There is a lot of requirements which you should meet to create a successfull and powerfull e-commerce system. Error handling using the .NET driver is one of the requirements for a fault-tolerant system.
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