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GrandNode 2.0 - 1.0.0-beta - release

Created on:  27.05.2021

With the completion of development and testing works, we are starting a promotional campaign for our new platform. GrandNode 2.0 is an open-source e-commerce platform written from scratch. As we wrote in the previous announcements - GrandNode v1 blocked development and our contribution to open-source due to the license. GrandNode 4.90.0 will be supported until the end of 2022. In the meantime, we encourage you to migrate to GrandNode 2.0. All plugins and templates purchased in the last year are still supported and will be migrated to 2.0. People who have an active upgrade license will be able to download new plugins and themes from the customer panel.

Now let's start talking about GrandNode 2.0.


With versioning, we are consistent and will continue to use semantic versioning. So incoming version will be marked as 1.0.0. X.Y.Z
Where X is a MAJOR release, Y is a MINOR release and Z is a PATCH release.

How we will distinct each release and what will trigger the next release? Starting from the beginning, the MAJOR release will be strictly related to technological changes. In the MINOR releases, you will find changes related to the application functionality. And finally, the PATCH releases will be the most frequent, they will contain bug fixes, tweaks in the CSS, CSHTML files. There is an important requirement, that changes in PATCH releases cannot interfere with the application's source code.

The update frequency is as follows:
MAJOR only when a major upgrade related to .NET Core, MongoDB, or other technology that GrandNode uses, changes are required. We are unable to predict how often. MINOR every six months. PATCH much more often, not less than once a month. Importantly, the release of the new PATCH version will not require uploading new plugins. NuGet Packages will be updated only in MINOR and MAJOR releases.

Beta version

Today is the day when we publish the very first beta version of GrandNode 2.0. You can download it from our GitHub repository -

Highlighted features

- Multi-tenant
- Headless
- Advanced order & inventory management
- Backend & Frontend API
- MongoDB, AWS DocumentDB & Azure CosmosDB support
- RabbitMQ support
- .NET Core 5.0

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