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07 Jun

GDPR in e-commerce - How to meet requirements with GrandNode

To meet the expectations of our users, we've decided to implement new features, which will solve the problems with GDPR compliance, totally for free in the newest version of GrandNode.
21 May

Safety in MongoDB and cross-platform e-commerce

Safety is one of the most crucial topic in online store management. We will cover this topic in this short article. We will describe the security features in MongoDB 3.6 and GrandNode.
15 May

Machine Learning in GrandNode, cross-platform e-commerce

Nowadays, each company throws buzzwords like "Machine Learning!", "Big Data!", "Artificial Intelligence!", "Marketing Automation!". Is it new for you? Probably not, wherever you look, you will see this words. But you have to ask yourself, is this definitely properly used?
03 Apr

Weekly Tips #6: Improving GrandNode performance

In the next weekly tips article, you will read about improving GrandNode performance. How to make it faster just with one trick. It's very useful if you have static elements in your store, for example, the same categories for a long time.
21 Mar

GrandNode Reservations - How to create a functional reservation product in GrandNode?

GrandNode Reservations - How to create a functional reservation product in GrandNode? Learn how to create booking products in GrandNode and how to create products which can be reserved?
21 Mar

GrandNode and MongoDB in a 3 minutes - the fastest installation with Docker

The fastest GrandNode installation on cloud servers with Docker. Let's learn the fastest way to install GrandNode on Digital Ocean cloud servers.
16 Mar

How to create Auctions in GrandNode?

Let's learn how to create auctions products in GrandNode. Short guide about new product type.
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