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07 Mar

GrandNode 4.10 released

New version of our open source, cross-platform e-commerce solution is coming. Auctions, bookings, possibility to install GrandNode in docker. Check out the release notes.
05 Feb

Weekly Tips #3: Running GrandNode 4.00+ on MongoDB 3.4

Strange problem, but simple solution! Look at the short guide about upgrading GrandNode. After successfull upgrade to GrandNode 4.00+ you won't be able to run it on MongoDB 3.4.
10 Jan

Weekly Tips #2: How to distinguish users from specified URLs?

Second article from our Weekly Tips, how to distinguish users from specified URLs? How to assign a specified tag to customers who visited our store from Facebook, VK, Twitter. It's simple!
09 Jan

Weekly Tips #1: How to set birthday reminder

Automated birthday reminders can be a great reward for your customers, let's learn how to create and use birthday reminders in GrandNode.
05 Jan

Error Handling - MongoDB .NET Driver

Since you want to open an online store, you need to think about security and performance. There is a lot of requirements which you should meet to create a successfull and powerfull e-commerce system. Error handling using the .NET driver is one of the requirements for a fault-tolerant system.
15 Dec

How to install GrandNode Core 4.00 on Linux

Short guide, how to run and install GrandNode Core 4.00 on Linux - Ubuntu 16.04. If this process was difficult for you, follow steps from tutorial, for sure, it will help you to understand process of installation our e-commerce solution on Linux - Ubuntu 16.04.
05 Dec

37 Tips For Christmas and the rest of Holidays

Christmas time is coming, people are looking for the best gifts for their friends, families. Are you sure, that your store and business will handle it? Look at our 37 tips, how to survive during Christmas and rest of the holidays.
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