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21 mar

GrandNode and MongoDB in a 3 minutes - the fastest installation with Docker

The fastest GrandNode installation on cloud servers with Docker. Let's learn the fastest way to install GrandNode on Digital Ocean cloud servers.
16 mar

How to create Auctions in GrandNode?

Let's learn how to create auctions products in GrandNode. Short guide about new product type.
07 mar

GrandNode 4.10 released

New version of our open source, cross-platform e-commerce solution is coming. Auctions, bookings, possibility to install GrandNode in docker. Check out the release notes.
05 lut

Weekly Tips #3: Running GrandNode 4.00+ on MongoDB 3.4

Strange problem, but simple solution! Look at the short guide about upgrading GrandNode. After successfull upgrade to GrandNode 4.00+ you won't be able to run it on MongoDB 3.4.
10 sty

Weekly Tips #2: How to distinguish users from specified URLs?

Second article from our Weekly Tips, how to distinguish users from specified URLs? How to assign a specified tag to customers who visited our store from Facebook, VK, Twitter. It's simple!
09 sty

Weekly Tips #1: Jak ustawić przypomnienie o urodzinach

Zautomatyzowane przypomnienia urodzinowe mogą być fenomenalną nagrodą dla Twoich klientów. Z tym poradnikiem nauczysz się jak w kilku krokach, skonfigurować te powiadomienia w GrandNode.
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