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07 Mar

GrandNode 4.10 released

New version of our open source, cross-platform e-commerce solution is coming. Auctions, bookings, possibility to install GrandNode in docker. Check out the release notes.
05 Feb

Weekly Tips #3: Running GrandNode 4.00+ on MongoDB 3.4

Strange problem, but simple solution! Look at the short guide about upgrading GrandNode. After successfull upgrade to GrandNode 4.00+ you won't be able to run it on MongoDB 3.4.
10 Jan

Weekly Tips #2: How to distinguish users from specified URLs?

Second article from our Weekly Tips, how to distinguish users from specified URLs? How to assign a specified tag to customers who visited our store from Facebook, VK, Twitter. It's simple!
09 Jan

Weekly Tips #1: How to set birthday reminder

Automated birthday reminders can be a great reward for your customers, let's learn how to create and use birthday reminders in GrandNode.
05 Jan

Error Handling - MongoDB .NET Driver

Since you want to open an online store, you need to think about security and performance. There is a lot of requirements which you should meet to create a successfull and powerfull e-commerce system. Error handling using the .NET driver is one of the requirements for a fault-tolerant system.
15 Dec

How to install GrandNode Core 4.00 on Linux

Short guide, how to run and install GrandNode Core 4.00 on Linux - Ubuntu 16.04. If this process was difficult for you, follow steps from tutorial, for sure, it will help you to understand process of installation our e-commerce solution on Linux - Ubuntu 16.04.
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