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GrandNode year in review

Created on:  09.12.2019

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GrandNode in year review

I was wondering what I should write at the beginning of this summary. For sure, this year was amazing for us. We've achieved few milestones very important for our development. First of all, this December, we celebrate our 4th birthday. There are no words that describe our hapiness. It's probably the most important news for us. When I summarized first year of GrandNode in blog post in 2016, I wrote that GrandNode is a solution, which will take a little piece of cake with users unsatisfied with MSSQL database. Now, 4 years after release, I can say that it was my mistake. GrandNode became a competitor for the biggest solutions like PrestaShop, Magento or nopCommerce. What's important, it's not only the marketing trash talk, feedback received from new users is enough proof.

During ending year, we've migrated several customers from different e-commerce platforms to GrandNode. It's a big reward for us, because it means that we are going in the right direction. During the 4 years of GrandNode existance we released 10 independent releases. First release was just a nopCommerce migration to MongoDB. Now, differences in source code are huge, it's impossible to say that's still comparable. GrandNode source code has been appreciated by open source developers, because it uses the newest, modern standards of used technologies. We've successfully rewrite application to make it asynchronous.

The 2019 year was special, because month by month we are making instant growth. This year is over 150% better than previous one on each field. New stores, users, purchased plugins, stars on GitHub and so on! 

In the 2019 year we've implemented the most wanted feature as a core feature of GrandNode - multi tenant. It was the most popular topic from GrandNode beginnings. After years of development, we were ready to focus on it. With the usage of our new plugin - Advanced multi tenant, each user is able to apply for a tenant. Just fill the specified form and send it to store owner. Store owners will be able to manage requests, approve them or not and create stores for particular users. More details about GrandNode multi tenancy can be found in our article which describes multi tenant in GrandNode. 

Developers appreaciated also one of the features implemented at the beginning of the 2019 - REST API OData. Out of the box you are able to integrate your e-commerce platform with your system ERP. We've prepared a lots of ready to use methods, but if you want to have more features in it, you are free to extend the API by a plugin. 

More details about REST API can be found on our docs page, where you will find the examples of working methods:

Finally, we've released a comprehensive guide about GrandNode installation. We have to agree with the community, installation guide was treated with neglect. That times are over, updated guide covers the Windows, Linux, MacOS, Docker and Raspberry Pi installation. Have fun during development!

We started to publish articles on Medium platform. In the last period of 2019, we've published following articles:

- GrandNode: A closer look at the open source e-commerce platform:

- How to use Mediator in ASP.NET Core Project:

- Black Friday 2019 in e-commerce, prepare your store:

Ending year brings us also a bunch of new themes and plugins. We were focused on extending our offer. We know that even the most advanced e-commerce platform, won't satisfy all users, sometimes it's required to use external plugin. And there is no better source of high quality products than the official marketplace.

Among the themes, in 2019 we created:

- Divide Theme,

- Froggy Theme,

- Scroll Theme,

- Cosmetics Theme

I would highlight also some of our plugins:

eBay and Amazon integration,

- One Page Checkout,

- PDF Invoice generator,

- Ajax Filters,

- Advanced Multi Tenant.

In the 2019 our community created many interesting stores also, what's more important, stores created in the previous years are still visible and working! "Thank you" would be too simple. It's not enough to express our feelings. To fully thank for your support and trust we've created a promotion which will start on Friday, 13th of Decemeber and last to the end of the month. 30% discount for our products will be applied on almost each product. 

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