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14 Jul

How to manage search & filtering in GrandNode

What benefits and opportunities can search and filtering provide for your e-commerce business and for your customers. Search & Filtering are the key elements of any ecommerce site. The more efficient they are, the better the user experience your customers will receive, which will undoubtedly strengthen your reputation and increase your sales. If you want to allow your customers to find products on your website, make sure that your search engine works efficiently and your filters are configured properly.
04 Jun

GrandNode performance - stress test

A comprehensive guide which shows the GrandNode performance. If you are curious about how GrandNode works with 500 concurrent users, it's a perfect article for you.
02 Jun

What's new in GrandNode 4.70

GrandNode 4.70 is officially released! We're happy to announce that the newest version of e-commerce platform is ready to download from our site.
20 May

NoSQL vs SQL Comparison

First of all, it is very difficult to unequivocally state which type of database is better. Each of them has its pros and cons. There are projects in which NoSQL databases are unfit, as well as projects in which we won’t be able to successfully deploy SQL databases. There are also a lot of myths about these two types of databases. I hope this short article will brighten you the basic differences between them.
06 May

GrandNode 4.70 Beta

No more buzzwords and general functionalities! Let's jump into GrandNode 4.70, next version of our the most advanced e-commerce platform at the market.
09 Apr

Ecommerce Academy - Security in e-commerce — free SSL certificate

Welcome in the second episode of our e-commerce academy. In previous article, you’ve learned something about purchasing process. Today, you'll learn something about security in e-commerce.
03 Apr

Ecommerce Academy - 6 points you need to know when building the checkout

As promised! First episode of GrandNode ecommerce academy. Let's read our first tutorial for beginner retailers. What you will learn from the article: how to create successful purchase process, how to optimize checkout and shopping cart. Share this article and take benefits from it!
01 Apr

Ecommerce Academy - become a master in ecommerce with GrandNode

Ecommerce Academy is our newest project for beginner retailers and wholesalers. This is a reference to our old WeeklyTips series, but now, it's something bigger and related with whole e-commerce, not only with GrandNode.
31 Mar

Ecommerce & Coronavirus. How to stay on top?

New article about ecommerce during the coronavirus pandemic. Read what's important and our general thoughts about current situation.
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