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26 Feb

GrandNode 4.90.0 - Sales Employees

Sales employees, sales agents, salespersons? Call them whatever you like. But since version 4.90.0 you can provide your employees with a limited administration panel, assign clients to them and payout the commissions.
25 Feb

Ecommerce migration - the ultimate guide to replatforming ecommerce

Ecommerce migration was always a topic worth considering. From a psychological point of view, it's a process that may generate a little headache for everyone. People don't like changes, no matter if it's their private or professional life. If you are using Windows, it will be hard to force yourself to use Linux. If you are an Apple evangelist on a daily basis, it will be very difficult to convince you to use Android phones. e can multiply such examples. The same can be introduced into ecommerce. If something works, maybe not perfect, but fine, it will be very difficult to convince you to change the server or platform. It is connected with leaving the comfort zone, so popular in the sphere of personal trainers.
16 Feb

GrandNode 4.90.0 - How to create admin panel theme

The possibility to change the admin panel theme is available in GRandNode starting from the 4.90.0 version. It's a pretty advanced feature that allows you to customize the admin panel appearance for every user or store.
17 Feb

New release: GrandNode 4.90.0

New release: GrandNode 4.90.0 with frontend Dark mode, ability to assign the product price per currency, sales employer account, and many more. Check the latest release and learn how it boosts your current store.
01 Feb

Top 10 standards your e-commerce needs for growth and sustainability

Taking into consideration the current global situation, eCommerce is at an all-time high. Apart from the generally good e-commerce situation and its development, lockdowns, travel bans, limits, its growth has accelerated. You definitely should look at the top 10 standards your e-commerce needs for growth and sustainability.
27 Jan

New release: GrandNode 4.90.0 Beta

We proudly present the newest beta version for GrandNode 4.90.0! Jump into details and check what's new in the incoming release.
22 Jan

Minimal Theme released for GrandNode 4.80

We are excited to reveal the newest Minimal theme for GrandNode. Check the newest theme fully based on Vue.js.
14 Dec

New release: GrandNode 4.80.1

We are happy to announce that we released a new version of GrandNode. 4.80.1 is ready to get from our website. It's a very important patch release for us because we are giving you a new template. Modern, improved, and fast, based on Vue.js.
03 Dec

The best Open-Source e-commerce web applications

The purpose of this article is to present you with the best web applications based on .NET and .NET Core, show you their greatest advantages and disadvantages. After that, I’m pretty sure that you will be able to choose the best .NET e-commerce platform for your new business.
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