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How to deploy GrandNode with MongoDB Atlas on Digital Ocean?

With this article, we are starting our short series of tutorial articles. They will cover the deploying GrandNode, a cloud-friendly e-commerce platform on the most popular cloud services like Amazon AWS, Azure, or DigitalOcean. Following the way of installation, is one of the easiest ways to make your e-commerce alive.
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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Get some premium stuff from the GrandNode Marketplace with a 30% discount.
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New release: GrandNode 4.80.0

From the very beginning, GrandNode has been setting trends in the development of e-commerce platforms. Discover the highlights of the newest GrandNode 4.80.0 release. With the new release, GrandNode brings many interesting and very important features.
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How to handle personal data privacy?

Personal Data Protection and GrandNode e-commerce platform. How to adapt your store to the changing law on user privacy, cookies, GDPR? Read our article and reconfigure your store to make it 100% compliant! In this article, we will cover topics related to in-store configuration and also with backend details, to help you prepare e-commerces of your customers.
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How to upgrade plugin to 4.80.0

4.80.0 is coming. For many of you, it will be time to upgrade your plugins, widgets, and integrations to the newest version. We know that it may be a pain of the neck, however, we want to ease up this process for you. Let's look at our short guide about the upgrade process.
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Beta bug bounty program

As you know our newest version of GrandNode is currently in the beta test phase. Due to that fact, we've started the beta bug bounty program. During the beta test phase, you are able to submit issues related to the newest version of GrandNode.
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New release: GrandNode 4.80.0-beta

We proudly announce that the newest version of GrandNode is out - 4.80.0-beta comes with a lot of new features. As always we present to you a lot of new features. You can get the beta version directly from our downloads page, or from our GitHub.
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How to create your first online store

Have you ever wondered how to create an online store? Maybe you're tired in your current job and you would like to start something different? Online store creation is not so complicated as it looks. Let's jump into our newest article about online store creation and check how to quickly create your first online store with GrandNode.
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Wakacyjna wyprzedaż - 30% zniżki

Na naszym sklepie każdy produkt dostępny jest 30% taniej, niż zwykle.
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