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05 Jul

GrandNode 2.0 - versatile e-commerce designed for the next-gen companies

Today is the day! Our versatile, next-generation e-commerce platform is finally ready to be used in production. Modern codebase, layered product architecture, headless, modern tech-stack. Take benefits from the most advanced and the best e-commerce platform based on .NET Core 5 and MongoDB.
02 Jul

Happy 4th of July

Let's celebrate Independence Day with us and get almost all of our products 20% cheaper. 
15 Jun

GrandNode 2.0 - How to create themes

We can divide this tutorial into two parts. First will cover the all basics about theme structure and the way how it’s managed. In the second case, we will make some moves to create your first theme in GrandNode. 2.0 
27 May

GrandNode 2.0 - 1.0.0-beta - release

Today is the day when we publish the very first beta version of GrandNode 2.0. Check the details related to the newest version of our new e-commerce platform!
25 May

Say hello to Headless Commerce!

Separated frontend and backend? API available out of the box? We have it all. Check the GrandNode v2 and learn how we brought the headless convention to the best e-commerce platform on the market.
21 May

GrandNode v2 - Catalog Management

Look at the new catalog management methods. GrandNode v2 brings a new light to that processes. Check how to manage products, categories, brands and collections!
20 May

GrandNode v2 - Bundling & Minification

We've implemented a totally new mechanism to handle bundling and minification. In GrandNode v2 you are able to combine every JS and CSS file that is available in your project. Furthermore, this process is automated and made during the build process. 
17 May

GrandNode v2 - Multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy in GrandNode v2 is something that should be definitely mentioned before the official release. If you've learned about our multi-tenant in GrandNode v1, it's definitely time to get to know what we did in GrandNode v2.
11 May

GrandNode v2 - Orders Management

Welcome to GrandNode v2. It’s the best time to reveal cards. In today's article, you will learn how orders management looks like in the new GrandNode. Our platform is the most advanced e-commerce platform on the market, so we have to deliver the tool, which will be flexible and customizable for workflows in every company. It gives elastic management of the online stores.
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