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03 Jan

Incoming e-commerce trends in 2017 - our predictions

New year comes. With New Year each manager think what he should do with his company to achieve maximum profit, maximum visibility and what to do to attract more customers than the competition. Look to our article and check what we think will be key value in incoming 2017 year.
27 Dec

How to prepare for increased traffic in the e-commerce sites?

The Christmas time is behind us, increased traffic decreased, your online stores return to normality, servers are no longer squeezed themselves to the limit. From the Black Friday, Cyber Monday until Christmas your GrandNode stores were exposed to the daily increasing traffic. Now when everybody look at their wallet and reduce expenses we can analyze how our stores dealt with this period.
16 Dec

Why people choose NoSQL to their e-commerce projects

In e-commerce industry, software developers and engineers are hitting barriers with relational databases, in our situation – MsSQL. There appears question, what is the problem with them? Basically, relational databases are less flexible also problem include cost of scaling and developing.
28 Nov

Scalable GrandNode eCommerce with MongoDB database

In the current situation on the market, each site is very rich in content. Online stores offers hundreds of products that have a lot of content, pictures and each customer left milions of geographically information. eCommerce softwares are facing a big challenge of processing massive amounts of data.
22 Nov

Why OData Rest API is the best for your GrandNode online store?

In e-commerce each user want fast and optimized applications. In e-commerce each user also leave vast amount of data in your stores. Data which can’t be used is useless, it can be used only when applications and people can access to them. Probably you are wondering how you can access to it? With rescue comes Open Data Protocol, commonly called OData, this protocol is used in our Web API plugin. Goal of this article is to illustrate why OData is the best and why you should use it in your GrandNode.
09 Nov

Some ways to keep ahead of the competition

To be able to effectively fight the enemy, you must know him very well. You must know his strengths and weaknesses. The same thing is with your competitors. Believe it or not but there is no perfect company. Each specializes in a particular part of the industry in which you operate. When you decide on competition with others, you need to know in which part should turn on.
07 Nov

A few words why you are losing customers

Why people leave your store without action? Do you wondering why you have visitiors but no one make purchases in your store? Look at few things which can cause this problem.
06 Oct

Introduction to GrandNode and MongoDB

MongoDB is open source database solution used in GrandNode. MongoDB have some advantages, that SQL lacks: scalability, open source community and free license.
23 Aug

Case study - Customer Actions and Customer Reminders

You are probably wondering what’s the Big Data, Real Time Marketing and how it can help you in sales. There are many definitions of these terms. However, I’ll focus not on explaining what’s Big Data or Real Time Marketing, but on practical usage of these two things.
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